Snowed In Workout

Over the weekend I posted about how it was mid-60’s and sunny in CNY. Only in Syracuse is that weather followed by a blizzard 2 days later! I turned around while driving to crossfit this morning. The roads were worse than I’ve seen in a long time. So instead of turning today into an unplanned rest day, I made up a little snowed-in workout. See below to try it yourself! … More Snowed In Workout


Oatmeal Cookie Protein Shake

Earlier this year I went to visit a friend in Rochester, where I had the most amazing oatmeal cookie ice cream. Seriously, if you’re in the area stop by Moonlight Creamery–you won’t regret it!

Since that day, I’ve been on the hunt for a healthier, make-at-home version. It comes in the form of a high protein, post-workout shake. Dreams do come true! … More Oatmeal Cookie Protein Shake

Weekend Warrior Workout

It’s a beautiful day here in CNY! The forecast says 66 and sunny – likely for the last time in 2016 – so I’ll be taking part of my workout outside today. Here’s a great at-home workout that requires little equipment. Check below for modifications to make it a completely equipment-free workout. Key: RFT = Rounds For … More Weekend Warrior Workout

Veggie-Based Dinners

I’m what you might call a “volume eater”. I eat a LOT throughout the day. It doesn’t matter how much I ate in one sitting or how unhealthy it was, I am guaranteed to be hungry (read: HANGRY) 2-3 hours later (is that just me? anyone? anyone?). Because of this, I like to make vegetable-based meals: big … More Veggie-Based Dinners

Guilt-Free Desserts

When dessert cravings come knocking, it takes a stronger mind than mine to say no. While there’s nothing wrong with a little “treat yoself” attitude from time-to-time, a daily dessert habit isn’t exactly in line with most fitness goals. For those times when you need something sweet but don’t want to kill your progress, here are … More Guilt-Free Desserts