I’m Loving Lately: December Edition

I’m always reading up on health and fitness and always willing to try new things. Lately, I’ve been into: Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast: Mind/body hacks, up-and-coming trends you haven’t heard of yet, and the science/explanation behind health and fitness. Golden Milk: This herby, warm drink is known to fight inflammation (which I’m experiencing a lot … More I’m Loving Lately: December Edition

Seasonal Spirits

What’s this? A post that has nothing to do with health or fitness? That’s right! See that “with a side of cocktails” in the header? I’m about to take a dive into that side of life. While I love to unwind with a drink (or 5) I don’t often vary what I drink. Vodka soda, … More Seasonal Spirits

Dumbbell Drill

Happy Sunday! These past couple of weeks have been crazy. Between Thanksgiving and being the Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding, I’ve hardly had time to post. Since my apartment complex just opened a fitness center on Thursday, I figured I’d start back up by sharing a workout. I’m usually a barbell girl. … More Dumbbell Drill